Add a Ramdisk

When you add a ramdisk to Walrus, you bundle the ramdisk file, upload the file to a bucket in Walrus that you name, and then register the ramdisk with Eucalyptus.

To add a ramdisk to Walrus:

Use the following three commands:

euca-bundle-image -i <ramdisk_file> --ramdisk true -r x86_64
euca-upload-bundle -b <ramdisk_bucket> -m /tmp/<ramdisk_file>.manifest.xml
euca-register <ramdisk_bucket>/<ramdisk_file>.manifest.xml -n <name_of_ramdisk>

For example:

euca-bundle-image -i euca-fedora-10-x86_64/xen-kernel/initrd- 
--ramdisk true -r x86_64
Generating manifest /tmp/initrd-

euca-upload-bundle -b example_rd_bucket -m /tmp/initrd-
Uploaded image as example_rd_bucket/initrd-

euca-register example_rd_bucket/initrd- -n mynewramdisk

Where the returned value eri-XXXXXXXX is the unique ID of the registered ramdisk image.