Networking Configuration Options

All network-related options specified in /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus.conf use the prefix VNET_. The most commonly used VNET options are described in the following table.

If you change the value of in the file, you must restart the Cluster Controller.

Option Description Component
VNET_BRIDGE This is the name of the bridge interface to which instances’ network interfaces should attach. A physical interface that can reach the CC must be attached to this bridge. Common setting for KVM is br0. Node Controller
VNET_DHCPDAEMON The ISC DHCP executable to use. This is set to a distro-dependent value by packaging. The internal default is /usr/sbin/dhcpd3. Node Controller
VNET_MODE The networking mode in which to run. The same mode must be specified on all CCs and NCs in your cloud. Valid values: EDGE All CCs and NCs
VNET_PRIVINTERFACE The name of the network interface that is on the same network as the NCs. Default: eth0 Node Controller
VNET_PUBINTERFACE This is the name of the network interface that is connected to the same network as the CC. Depending on the hypervisor’s configuration this may be a bridge or a physical interface that is attached to the bridge. Default: eth0 Node Controller