Customizing Your Deployment

This section describes the most commonly applied post-install customizations and the issues they pose:

  • Over-subscription
  • Networking changes (EDGE mode)
  • CloudWatch tweaks/customizations
  • Capacity changes


Over-subscription refers to the practice of expanding your computer beyond its limits. Over-subscription applies only to node controllers. You may modify disks and cores to allow enough usage buffer for your instance. Navigate to /etc/eucalyptus/ and locate the eucalyptus.conf file. Edit the following values to define the appropriate size buffers for your instances: NC_WORK_SIZE Defines the amount of disk space available for instances to be run. Defaults to 1/3 of the currently available disk space on the NC, and NC_CACHE_SIZE defaults to the other 2/3.

NC_CACHE_SIZE Defines how much disk space is needed for images to be cached. MAX_CORES Defines the maximum number of cores that can be provided to VMs on each NC. If it is 0 or not present, then the only limit on the number of instances is the number of cores available on the NC. If it is present, any value greater than 256 is treated as 256. In order for these changes to take effect, you must restart the NC.

Networking Changes (EDGE modes)

You can modify the default by adding network IPs to your cloud. Adding public IPs does not require shutting down the whole system.

To add network IPs:In EDGE mode, adding or changing the IP involves creating a JSON file and uploading it the Cloud Controller (CLC). See Configure for Edge Mode for more details. No restart needed, changes apply automatically.

Change CloudWatch Properties

You can change the following CloudWatch properties:

Property Description
cloud.monitor.default_poll_interval_mins This is how often the CLC sends a request to the CC for sensor data. Default value is 5 minutes. If you set it to 0 = no reporting. The more often you poll, the more hit on system performance.
cloud.monitor.history_size This is how many data value samples are sent in each sensor data request. The default value is 5. How many samples per poll interval.
cloudwatch.enable_cloudwatch_service Disables CloudWatch when set to false.

Change Capacity

Capacity changes refer to adding another zone or more nodes. To add another zone, install , start , and register . To add more nodes, see Add a Node Controller .