Route53 Delegated Subdomain

When using Route53 the Hosted Zone is often a subdomain for a domain managed using external DNS. In this case the external DNS must be updated to delegate management of the subdomain to your hosted zones name servers.

Hosted Zone Name Servers

When you create a public Hosted Zone in Eucalyptus it will be allocated some nameservers. You can use the AWS CLI to determine the Name Servers for your zone:

# aws route53 list-hosted-zones
HOSTEDZONES	87a20e2b-f835-4775-a6ad-16f14033668a	/hostedzone/ZAAKJGJPMUHV32	2
# aws route53 list-resource-record-sets --hosted-zone-id ZAAKJGJPMUHV32 --query "ResourceRecordSets[?Type == 'NS']"	900	NS

To discover the nameservers, first list the hosted zone to find the identifer and then pass the identifer to list-resource-record-sets. The example above uses a query to output only the NS information.

External Name Server records

The external DNS should be updated to add a Name Server NS record and a corresponding A record to map that name to an IP address:	    NS	A	1.X.Y.123

The external DNS must not have an SOA record for the delegated subdomain as your Hosted Zone in Eucalyptus Route53 is authoritative.