AWS CLI Installation

The AWS CLI is the official client for AWS. The CentOS and RHEL 7 official repositories provide a packaged AWS CLI version 1 that works well with Eucalyptus.

To allow easy use of the AWS CLI with Eucalyptus a plug-in is provided that understands how to access Eucalyptus services.


To install the Eucalyptus plug-in a Eucalyptus YUM repository must first be enabled, either the release repository:

yum install

or the master repository for the latest nightly build:

yum install

Once a repository is configured, install the plugin and client:

yum install eucalyptus-awscli-plugin

Which will install the plug-in and version 1 of the AWS CLI.


AWS provides general instructions on Configuring the AWS CLI which includes configuration for credentials. This section covers Eucalyptus plugin specific configuration.

An example configuration for the AWS CLI is:

# cat .aws/config 
eucalyptus = awscli_plugin_eucalyptus

ufshost =
ufsport = 8773
verify_ssl = yes
output = text
region = eucalyptus

The configuration enables the plugin and sets the ufshost and ufsport to enable Eucalyptus service endpoints to be derived.

If your cloud does not have a valid HTTPS certificate then you will need to change verify_ssl to no, but note that this is less secure.