Back Up Cloud Data

This section explains what you need to back up and protect your cloud data.We recommend that you back up the following data:

  • The cloud database: see
  • Object storage. For objects in Walrus, the frequency depends on current load. Use your own discretion to determine the backup plan and strategy. You must have Walrus running.
  • EBS volumes in each cluster (DAS and Overlay)
  • The configuration file for the cloud is stored on the CLC: .
  • Any configuration file for the cloud stored on any other host (UFS, CC, etc.): .
  • The cloud security credentials on all hosts (you already backed up the CLC keys as part of the database backup). Use the tar command: .
  • The CC and NC configuration files, stored on every CC and NC: .
  • Any Euca2ools (.ini) configuration files, which reside on any Euca2ools host machine. Files can be found in:
  • Management Console config files in should be backed up. Typical files:
  • Ensure you have your instances’ so you can access the instances later.
  • and LVM snapshots Users are responsible for volume backups using EBS snapshots on their defined schedules.